Employment at Wildheart Salon

When you’re looking to join a salon, don’t underestimate intangibles like culture, your ability to grow, and how the salon feels when you’re standing inside.

When you stand inside our salon you should feel inspired, empowered and more alive. If you don’t, then this might not be the place for you. If you do, it’s because we’ve built a strong culture that we’re very proud of. One of integrity, greatness, and a deep desire to help people. This culture also happens to be the reason why it’s easier to do amazing hair here than at most salons. Make no mistake, “easy” is not the same as simple. Doing great hair is extremely hard and time-consuming, but if you’re good enough to stand behind a Wildheart chair, then you can be assured we’re working overtime to remove the things that might hold you back. Why? Two reasons: 1) Our reputation is important to us, and we won’t put our name on anything less than amazing. 2) Because we want you to grow beyond your wildest dreams. No matter your ambition, we’ll provide the tools and resources to get there – even if it’s starting your own salon at some point.

There. Now you know our secret. Go ahead and tell everyone you know. Because the fact is, most salons are not willing to expend the effort it takes to be great. They look for shortcuts when there are no shortcuts. They skimp on the education that truly matters. And generally speaking, allow their clients to walk out the door with something uninspired.

So, ask yourself this, do you have the kind of passion, confidence and work ethic we’re looking for? Are you ready to see your talent grow well beyond what you thought possible? If you’re nodding your head right now, you will have an incredibility successful, and lucrative career here. Let’s talk.

Current Employment Opportunities

We’re looking for 1 ambitious stylist who:

Loves color, loves education, is highly motivated, and has a few years of experience.

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