Wildheart Salon
Mequon’s most refreshing salon experience.

Let’s put ourselves out there. Let’s take control of our body, our image, and our fate. Let’s stop trying to find ourselves so we can start creating ourselves. Let’s apply relaxer to our fears and volume to our dreams. Let’s be true to ourselves, if not to our roots. Let’s be curly with our hair and straight with each other. Let’s cut it all off, just so we can grow it out again. Let’s throw caution to the wind with a blow dryer. Let’s consider the possibilities rather than the risks. Let’s dye so we can live. Let’s live wild at heart.

Wildheart Manifesto



When you come to Wildheart Salon, your hair will become the lifeblood of your confidence, energy, and style. It will course through your days, and give life to your nights. Because life is better lived with a wild heart.







Let’s Live Wild at Heart.